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Monday, October 8, 2012

Turtle Mountains

The only mountains in North Dakota are the Turtle Mountains-not very high, not very steep, but it is the best we can do.

We continued on our way trying to find some Fall colors in the trees.  Of course, we had to drive across the prairie to get to the mountains.  This is what the fields look like after the crops have been harvested.
As we got closer we began to see the mountains in the distance.

The roads heading up the mountain were very similar to those in North Carolina (of course, not nearly as twisty and steep).
But the closer we got the more the roads changed from the flat, straight roads we normally travel.

The higher we got the more we could see the colors in the trees changing.

North Dakota does not have stately trees like the spruce trees in Wisconsin or the mighty oaks down south, but after being up here for so long we were grateful for the trees we could see.

Not quite the beauty of the eastern seacoast in the Autumn but we sure loved the scenery.  Hope you did as well.

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