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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mystical Horizons

As we were heading up the mountains we saw these signs along the way.

As I mentioned previously the Turtle Mountains are not very high, 2,541 feet.  We did enjoy driving through them and seeing the beautiful colors.  Along the way we saw a point of interest sign and turned off to explore.
Mystical Horizons features a Solar Calendar, A North Star viewing tube and a giant sundial-not to mention absolutely breath-taking views.

We never could figure out how this is supposed to be a calendar.

Now for the breath-taking views.  I left some of the stones in the photo to help show dimensions and the real distance we could see.

It was a clear day and I would imagine we could see at least 20 miles.  This view is looking west. 

My favorite traveling companion!

Just taking a break and enjoying the view.

This is looking toward the east.

What a lovely day and a great opportunity to experience the beauty in God's creation.

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