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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Sky

We took a ride southeast of the city to do a little exploring.  It was a fun way to spend a summer evening.  We opened the windows and took our time driving and looking.

We have been amazed at the number of birds in North Dakota.  Our first pheasants were seen up here.  There are hundreds and hundreds of water fowl; ducks, geese, herons and many I have never seen before.

The most amazing sight in the countryside is the sky.  I know Montana is supposed to be Big Sky Country, but it is hard to imagine a sky bigger than North Dakota's. 

Our home is near the beach on the Gulf of Mexico and looking out over the water the sky looms large but if you turn to the north the trees and buildings block the sky. Not in North Dakota. 

Once you leave the cities you can turn in any direction and see for miles and miles. It is very awe-inspiring and absolutely beautiful.

A storm in the distance is easily seen and the sky changes are visible for miles.

North Dakota is lacking in a lot of things, but natural beauty is not one of them.

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