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Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Head Further North

My hubby and I had to visit a job site in Lignite, ND.  Lignite is about 6 miles from Canada and it is our furthest north site.  It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the drive.

Heading north on highway 52 we passed many rolling hills with dates of graduating classes emblazoned on them. 

The only real city we go through on the way to Lignite is Kenmare, ND.

Every city up here has a token gas station.  This is the one in Kenmare.
This marsh is just west of Kenmare.

The Souris (Mouse) River
The Danish Mill is in the heart of Kenmare.

The whole grain is poured into this container.

The grinding wheels.

The fresh ground flour comes out here.

We leave Kenmare and continue heading north.

The long, long road heading north.

The road drops into this steep valley and...
rises up this high hill.

As we turn onto the road heading to Lignite-this is the view to the west.  Can you see Montana?  It is only about 20 miles away.
This is the view to the north.  These trucks are coming from Canada.  The trees in the background are in Canada.

This is the eastern view.  Lots and lots of nothing.

This is the south and the outskirts of Lignite.

Welcome to Lignite!

The mandatory gas station for every town up here.

This is the job site that we drove all the way up here to visit.

Then we headed back home.  Lignite is about 90 minutes from Minot.  A very long drive but it was a gorgeous day and we took our time and enjoyed the scenery.

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