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Friday, June 15, 2012

Heading South

This weekend our niece is getting married in south Alabama and we are heading to the big event.  We haven't been on the Gulf Coast (our home) since January and are looking forward to the visit.

Katie and Josiah are getting married Saturday evening in Foley, Alabama.  We are looking forward to meeting Josiah and wishing them a blessed marriage.  Katie is my sister's oldest child so this will probably be a little difficult time for Mom and Dad.  They are very pleased with Josiah but having your first child leave home is always a bit trying.  Thankfully the newlyweds will not be moving too far away and they will visit often.

We will also get to visit our grandchildren this weekend.  They will be at the wedding and then heading out of town for another wedding.  We will only have a day with them but we will cherish every moment.

Our home church is in south MS and we look forward to visiting there this Sunday.  We sure do not get to visit our church family often enough so this is something else we look forward to this weekend.

And lastly, our house.  We will have a chance to visit our house and pick up a few things.  We are so grateful to have a house sitter while we are out of town.  They are taking care of the day-to-day concerns of our home and we look forward to visiting our house next week.

Hoping to have lots of pictures to share when we return.

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