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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pioneer Village Rugby, ND Part 5

Today I want to share with you photos of one of the houses of the villagers.  This house is called the Norway house.

The heat stove with the baby very near.  Newborns were kept as close to the stove as they could safely be placed to keep them warm.

The family who lived in this house obviously were well-to-do since they had an organ in their home.

An old ice box
A very nice stove for the era

Fine china for dining

Dresser and knick knacks.  Less affluent families simply had pegs on the wall to hang their meager wardrobe.

Single bed for a child

A dry sink for washing up.  Very often in the morning the water would be frozen in the pitcher.

Another house, the Gronvold house

A very special young girl's room.

The parent's room

Mom's dressing area

One of those new fangled telephones.

Ancient technology meets modern technology

Next we visited the All Faith's Church

The church is very well restored. 
I really enjoy visiting these old churches. They hold such majesty and grandeur.

These pews look might hard and uncomfortable.

The organ looks like it is ready for use.

Across town from the church is the saloon.

Ordering a saspirilla

The ever present poker table.

The next stop on our visit was an old schoolhouse and a log cabin.  Hope you come back and visit.

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