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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pioneer Village Rugby, ND Part 4

 Continuing our trip through the village the next stop was the jailhouse. 

The tiny jail had a big heat stove so the heat would reach into the cells.  Notice the cell door in the background.

The inside of the tiny cell

The sheriff or deputy sat in this tiny area outside the cells.

The livery stable was a very important place in the village.

This where you could stable your horses and sleds or wagons.

or perhaps rent a horse and sled or wagon.

Bridles and harnesses

The room in the back where the stable man slept.

Outside was a variety of these washing machines.

Sure makes me thankful for my Maytag!

No air conditioning, so the women were very thankful for their summer kitchens.

The food preparation area.  Larry is standing there so everyone will think he knows his way around the kitchen.

The outside cookpot was set up over a campfire.  This keeps the working area cooler.

Some various tools on display outside the buildings.

I sure hope everyone is enjoying this trip.  We had a really nice time.  The day was gorgeous-but as you can tell from some of the photos, the sun was nearly bright. 

Next time we will go inside some of the homes from the early days.

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