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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pioneer Village Rugby, ND Part 6

Continuing our trip to the Pioneer Village in Rugby, ND the next building we visited was the first school building. 

The one room schoolhouse was usually one of the first buildings erected in a new township.

It wouldn't be long before the number of students made a larger school necessary.

This schoolhouse was large enough to house quite a few students.

The school handled all ages of students.

Chalkboards, books and reading area

An original log cabin.  This would be the first house built as soon as the family was able.

Kitchen, dining and dressing areas

The husbands tools-notice every inch of space is used.

The cookstove and the only heat in the house.

The bedroom

No running water so they used this well-outside.

This building contains a huge amount of miscellaneous items from the past.

Old radios and phonographs

A collection of quilts

An old printing press



A film projector

This basket was used as an early body bag, to remove the body from the house.

An iron lung

The chiropractor's office

Next we will finish up this building and head to the General Store.  Hope you are enjoying the visit.

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