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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Space Aliens

Just a few blocks from our hotel is this neat restaurant called Space Aliens.  We have a grandson, Caleb, who would love this place.

Since it is so close to the hotel we decided to walk.  You would have thought it was 2 miles if you had heard the complaining from my sweet hubby!  In all fairness, I go walking everyday while he is working so a few blocks is nothing to me but it was a warm night and it seemed much farther to him.

We were told the food was pretty good, so we headed over with camera in hand to get pictures for Caleb.  This is what you see as you approach the building-pretty cool!

The entrance to the bar from Mars.

The first sightings when the aliens came to earth was in Roswell, NM.

The mother ship-suspended from the ceiling of the restaurant.

The planets they passed through on their way to earth.

Ever wonder what an alien looks like-here is your chance to take a peak!

What a fun place to visit, and yes the food was good.  Sure wish Caleb could have been with us!

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