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Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Monotony

Life goes on, even when you are away from home and living in a hotel.

Hotels offer housecleaning, but not like you do at home.  So everyday I clean and spray and disinfect trying to keep one small room neat, relatively germ free and tidy.

Hotels offer breakfast, and this one has a great breakfast bar, but it is the same thing everyday.  Yes, there is a lot to choose from and we do vary our selection but the breakfast still consists of the same 10 microwaveable things each day.  We look forward to the weekends when we go out for a fresh cooked breakfast.

We are in a great location, near the mall, several restaurants and pizza parlors, but we get tired of eating out all the time.  I am so thankful to have brought a small crockpot which I use a lot for heating soup or small meals.  It is definitely not homecooked but so much better than eating out each day.  We save our restaurant trips for days when we just want to get out.

Getting out is easy because we are within walking distance of so many things.  We try to go for a walk each day just to leave the hotel and keep from getting cabin fever.

The hotel has a laundry room but with almost 200 rooms and only 3 washers and dryers it can be tricky getting laundry done.  I have started going early in the morning while most people are still eating breakfast.  I can get 3 loads done and be back in my room by the time the laundry room starts getting busy, then I have all day to get the clothes folded or ironed and put away.

We are adapting quite well to life in Minot and look forward to opportunities to explore more of the city and surrounding areas soon.

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