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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adventure Part 6-Scenic Byway

Continuing our travels up the Scenic Byway just north of Duluth, MN.

Of course, since this is a tourist route there are lots of gift shops along the way.

But by far the most interesting was this trading post.  We stopped in to look around and found a Minnesota coffee mug to add to our collection.

This was a really neat place to look around.  They had lots of antiques from the early settlers days.

So glad I do not have to cook on this stove!

Another interesting land formation was the places the mountain was cut away to make room for the road.

There were houses of all sorts from really fancy waterfront homes, to gated communities and even a few cabins.

Lots of yard art adorned the road, including these dinosaurs.

We stopped in the little town of Two Harbors and explored a bit.  The lighthouse has been turned into a bed and breakfast and gift shop.

The train museum is an interesting sight.

This church was so gorgeous I just had to take a photo.

The road got really bad, they had actually torn up the old road and were in the process of rebuilding it.  We decided to turn around and head back.   We decided to take the quick highway.  Faster but not nearly as scenic.

We enjoyed this trip and if the roads had not been so terrible we would definitely do it again.

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