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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adventure Part 7-After Church

When we were on our way up to Superior we traveled up Highway 53.  I thought that road was in awful condition and then we got to Superior.  Most of the roads up here are in desparate need of repair but when we crossed the lake and entered Duluth we found they are working on almost every road in the city.   Even a lot of the freeways are closed down to one lane and many exits are closed, this makes it tough for strangers in town who don't know their way around.

Regardless of this difficulty we decided to take a drive down the Scenic Parkway.  This road winds in and around Duluth and one section of it was near the church we attended.  The road gives gorgeous views of the city below.

The road started off nice enough with lots of pretty scenery and curves and small hills, but we should have known this was soon going to change.

It very quickly deteriorated into a little more than a dirt road.

The scenery was so pretty and occasionally we would cross over some water.

But my driver was concerned about the condition of the road as it would get smooth for awhile and then rough again.

When we got to the end of this road we decided to head across the lake and try to visit Wisconsin Point.   Wisconsin Point is a  a large sandbar peninsula that runs on the east side of Superior.  We thought this would be a nice Sunday afternoon drive but when we entered the road there was a sign saying that the road was rough and to travel at your own risk.

After all the bad roads we had been on this morning we decided to not venture very far.  We drove to the first parking area and walked out to the beach.

You have to remember that we live on the beach in south Mississippi so the water and waves were nice but we see that all the time.  What we don't see is this color sand.

The sand is reddish with flakes of black.  I understand this sand is an inert silica sand formed from the sandstone in the area.  It sure was pretty to see and soft enough to walk in without shoes.

We headed back to our hotel and my driver said he thinks our car will need new shocks when we finally leave this area.

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