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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adventure Part 4-Pattison State Park

See the beginning of our trip here.

This afternoon we took a ride south of Superior to visit the Pattison State Park.  This park houses 3 waterfalls and a nature trail.

The Big Manitou Falls is the highest in Wisconsin with a drop of 165 feet.  The water comes from the Black River and makes a beautiful site.

The path around the falls is full of beautiful scenery and underbrush.

There are lots of assorted ferns in the woods.

The path is steep and winding and a bit of challenge, at least for me!

Larry took a little break on the bridge.

Then we headed to the Little Manitou Falls a little way down the road.  This is really 2 falls but there has been so much rain up here recently it looks like one big one.

We saw evidence of deer in the area.  This is how the tree looks after they rub their antlers on the bark to sharpen them.

It was a fun excursion and some young folks took a picture of us at the falls.

We are planning on a trip across Lake Superior into Duluth, MN tomorrow if the weather stays dry and I will be back with an update.

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