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Monday, June 20, 2011

Our New Adventure

As many of you know my husband, Larry, has been unemployed since last October. He has sent out hundreds of resumes to no avail, and then finally a few weeks ago he was offered a job in North Dakota.

This job is only for about 6 months, or until the ground freezes and they suspend work on the project but it is a job-so off to North Dakota we go via Superior,WI for a couple weeks of training.

We have a friend house-sitting for us and that makes this temporary assignment much easier. The benefit for her family is they get to enjoy the fruits of our garden while we are gone and we have someone to watch over our home.

We were able to spend this past week in South Carolina visiting our 4 grandchildren and their parents. This was a real blessing since we will probably not see them again until November.

We currently live in south Mississippi and the adventures awaiting us as we make this trek WAY up north will be exciting.  So off to Wisconsin we head and then on to North Dakota.  I should have lots to write about on this journey.

Our journey begins here.http://pattisoriginals-pattisplace.blogspot.com/2011/06/adventure-begins_23.html

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