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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Superior, WI Once Again

We have finally gotten an apartment and have relocated to Superior, WI.  It seems like it took forever for an apartment that we could rent month-to-month, instead of signing a lease, to become available.  But we now have a place to call home.

Our apartment is a duplex with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, dining room, kitchen and, best of all, a heated garage.  After having to stay outside through the North Dakota winters for the last 2 years, our poor car will sure be glad for this garage in a few months.

Our new apartment is unfurnished and since we did not move any furniture, we have started, slowly, purchasing the things we need.

This is our living room and new loveseat.  The loveseat is gray with a tint of green.  It is also a twin sleeper.  The red table on the side is actually a piano bench we picked up at an antique store in town.  There is a gas fireplace on the wall to the right and a window in the front of the couch.  The living room is rather small but since it is only the 2 of us it works fine.

This is our very luxurious kitchen, which I am truly enjoying!

Very glad to have a place to set up our Berkey Water Filter.

 We found our dining table at another antique shop and decided not to get the matching chairs.  Instead we picked up these 2 on our trip through the antique stores.
The handsome guy did not come with the table-he already belonged to me.

Close up of the table.

This is our master bedroom with our brand new bed.  We ordered a headboard but it was out of stock so until it comes in we are enjoying the bed as it is.  Our night tables are tv trays and they will work fine until we find some tables we like.

The house came with some very ugly curtains, these are the ones in our bedroom.  Definitely searching for replacements for these.

We found some denim curtains for the tv room at a thrift store.  I wanted tab curtains so we could open and close them easily and these work just fine.

This is the rest of the tv room, complete with camp chairs.  This room still needs a lot of work but it is fairly comfortable and it allows us to use our WII, which we have really missed.

The table, between the chairs, is an old school desk, another find from a local shop.
Our extra special find has been the new dishes we purchased.  We have been using camp dishes and flatwear for 2 years, so when we moved we decided to buy real dishes again. We looked all over and could not find anything we really liked so we hit the thrift stores again.  We picked up any dishes that we liked or that caught our attention and decided to go eclectic. 

We have come to love our eclectic dishes and absolutely love eating on china rather than plastic.
All of the above were picked up at several thrift stores and we were still 1 dessert plate short.  We found this set at the Salvation Army but they would not sell me just one plate, so I had to pay $5 and buy all the pieces they had-4 dinner plates, 3 bowls, 4 coffee cups and saucers, and 6 dessert dishes, not a bad deal at all.

Now we have more than enough dishes and are using them with much enjoyment.

The things we take for granted are revealed to us more and more each day as our adventure continues.

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