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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tough Times

I spoke with my brother, Dave, about a month ago and he was heading to the beach to go kayaking.

3 weeks ago he phoned to tell me he was having trouble with stomach swelling.  His doctor was out of town but had phoned in orders for some tests.

2 weeks ago he called to tell me his doctor said the tests results looked like a tumor on his liver but he had never seen anything like this so he was sending Dave to a specialist.

Last week Dave arrived at the hospital to meet the specialist and have the test run.  This doctor confirmed the earlier diagnosis and within 24 hours Dave died.

How I will miss him.  Dave was my strong supporter.  I could always call him and he always had time for me.  I was his spiritual compass.  He called me when he needed prayer and spiritual help.  He was always there for me and I tried to be there for him.  Now I feel like a part of me is missing.

Dave did not suffer long and for this I am eternally grateful.  But this happened so very fast that it still feels surreal.  Quite often he had assured me of his trust in Jesus as his Saviour and on this I lean for peace.  This peace is a true gift from the Lord and I am trusting that Dave is in heaven with our parents.

There are no words to say how special he was to me or to say how much my heart grieves, but Dave will always be remembered and sadly missed by our family.

Dave's obituary has been posted here.

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