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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Colors Are Changing

As we drive to work everyday we noticed the leaves had begun to change color.  There are not a lot of trees in North Dakota and so we thought if we neaded to the mountains we might have a chance to see more color.  We left town on Saturday morning looking for Autumn color. 

September is harvest time and we had to share the road with all sorts of tractors and farm equipment.  Notice these guys are half off the road and still taking up one full lane.  The farm equipment up here is much larger than anything we have seen anyplace else.

On our way to the mountains we took a slight detour to visit the town of Antler, ND.
We came across the name of this town and thought it was worth driving a little out of our way to check it out.

Antler turned out to be a very small town, so small this is the requisite gas station.
We had not seen a Standard Oil Station in a lot of years.
As with most of the towns in North Dakota there are some very old buildings just ripe with history.  Antler is not exempt, these are some of the old buildings we saw.
It does not appear that anyone uses these buildings any longer but it sure would be interesting to roam around them.  Not much to see in Antler but definitely worth going a bit out of the way.

The road out of town heading toward the mountains is a typical North Dakota gravel road.
There are more of these roads around this area than you can imagine.  As a matter of fact there are so many the speed limit on these roads is 55mph.  We have gotten a bit accustomed to these roads but not so much that we can travel that fast.
Notice the road to the right, it is the bad gravel road next to the good one.  These are the directions someone gave us.  Not very explicit but you can definitely tell which road is which.  What a relief when we finally reached the asphalt road.
We are finally on our way to the mountains.  More pictures to come!!

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