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Monday, July 9, 2012

Surprise, Surprise

It was a dreary, rainy Friday and we were not very excited about going to work.  Almost no one was expected to be in the office today and most of the field workers were off.  We were looking forward to a long boring day.

Driving in to work we were talking about how slow it would be and all the things we were waiting on from others who would not be in to work until next week.  Then we saw what, at first, appeared to be a horse or a cow in the field.

It is not unusual to see horses or cows up here but it is very unusual to see one alone in the midst of a planted field.  He was walking slowly so as we got a little closer we were able to see him better.  It was a male moose, antlers and all.  

This was my first moose and I was just a bit excited.  All of a sudden our long, dreary day looked brighter.  Unfortunately I did not get a photo (we knew better than to try to get that close) but at least I can now say I have seen a moose in the wild.

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