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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fargo Continued

So we continue our visit to Fargo with a trip to a regional sporting, outdoors shop.  This store is called Scheels.  We have a small Scheels in Minot but this store was a real treat.

Lots of displays from bison,

to deer,




Bullwinkle (oops, I mean moose),

to a shooting gallery,

and even an assorment of US Presidents.

But the main feature was this ferris wheel, right in the center of the store.

This was a fun place to visit and we took our time looking at all the sights.

Sunday we visited Community Baptist Church in Fargo.  We enjoyed a good service and lots of fellowship.

On our way home we passed a wind turbine farm.  These vanes are so long it is hard to imagine.   Evidently they produce enough electricity to make them worthwhile because there are wind turbines all over up here.

Well, we headed back to Minot, with a slight detour to Grand Rapids, and I will post the last of the pictures next.

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