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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to Minot

We really enjoyed our visit to Fargo.  All good things must end and on Memorial Day we headed back to Minot.

We are so accustomed to seeing grain elevators in every town that we were not surprised when we saw this in the distance.  As we got closer we realized how big this was.

Then we saw the sign saying this is a sugar beet processing plant.  We had no idea the plant would be so very big.

We took a slight detour to visit Cabela's in Grand Rapids.  This is another outdoor sporting goods store.  This store is a smaller Cabela's but it still had a menagerie of animals on display.

Some of the displays were very unique.  Like the moose rubbing antlers,

the stunning face on this badger,

a mink on hind legs,

a ptarmigan, which we had never heard of, but they were beautiful.

We enjoyed our slight detour but it was time to move on.
Grand Rapids and Fargo are on the North Dakota-Minnesota state line and are part of the Red River Valley.   The rich black color of the dirt in this area is unbelievable.

As we headed home a storm was rolling towards the north.  One of the nice things about North Dakota is you can see storms coming for miles.

Thankfully the storm stayed north of us and we headed back to Minot with no problems.

This was a fun trip and we really enjoyed visiting Community Baptist Church.  Hopefully we will have a chance to return.

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