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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Springtime on the Prairie

The weather is gorgeous, warm days and cool nights.  The sun is bright and the wind is blowing (but the wind is always blowing out here).  Springtime has come early to North Dakota.

The farmers are just starting to turn over the ground to prepare for this season's plantings.  There are very small specks of green on the hills; most of the hills are still brown from the winter.  As we travel the highway to work each day we are looking for new growth, a sure sign that winter is over.

Last year we arrived here in July and the flax was being harvested.  The fields were gorgeous as they were covered with the blue flax flowers.  We did not arrive early enough to have the time to travel around and get photos but are hoping to remedy that this year.

North Dakota is especially beautiful at this time of year because of all the new growth and new farm animals.  Calves and ponies abound right now.

We are definitely going to take the time to enjoy this season.  Hope your spring is just as lovely. 

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