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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hotel Living

There is a glamorous picture in our minds of living in a hotel.  We can conjour up ideas of no housework, maids, fancy restaurants and basically a life of leisure.  Real life is far from that vision.

In real life all of our belongings are crammed into one small room.  Maid service is avaialble but since all of our belongings are in this room, and we are not, we try to limit their access.  There are no fancy restaurants in this town and we get so tired of eating out that even a sandwich in the hotel room sounds better.

There is not much leisure because our free time is spent in the laundry or at the grocery.  Most of our clothing is packed away in space bags so we have to wash a couple times a week.  Space bags are great for traveling this way but they do limit our access to the clothing.  So we have a few outfits unpacked and the rest stays in the bags.

The refrigerator in our room is not very cold and is extremely small, so we must go to the grocery several times a week.  Minot, ND is not the place to come if you plan on eating in restaurants.  The fast food places are so desperate for help that they are not very selective.  We had to go out a couple times before we had a chance to get to the grocery.  The first order taker did not speak English, that was fun!  The second order taker was so slow it took us almost an hour from the time we walked in the door until we placed our order, and there were only 4 people in front of us.  Can you say poor management!!

We also tried to go to Pizza Hut but their dining room was closed because they do not have sufficient staffing.  We came to the decision that we will eat healthier, cheaper and with much less frustration if we go to the grocery a few times a week and pick up enough to get us through.  I can't do much cooking in the hotel and we will probably be sick of sandwiches and soup by the time we move out but at least we will be less stressed!

Anyone looking for a job in the food service industry could easily find a job up here, the qualifications appear to be absolute minimal.

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