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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tourist Attractions

We have been in Minot, ND for about a month and the town is slowly recovering from the flooding which happened a few months ago.  Travel around town has been pretty limited because of the temporary dikes that were built in an effort to try to save as much of the town as possible.  The dikes are beginning to come down but that means lots of big trucks all over the city.  So I have been sticking pretty close to the hotel.

We have taken a few trips out in the country to check out possible apartments but other than that we have remained close to our hotel.  Now that things are starting to return to normal I have been asking around about the attractions that draw tourists to the area.

Minot seems to be an interesting city.  It is a very fast growing city with very few big city attractions.  There are only a few national chain restaurants, a small mall but it is very nice, lots of hotels and some interesting Norwegian sites.

In the late 1800's this area was settled by folks from Norway.  The government was offering free homesteads to those hearty souls who could stick it out and make a life for themselves here.  The Norwegian influence remains in a big way. 

Minot also contains some antique shops, local artists, and a zoo, that I have been told is very nice.  The zoo is located in Roosevelt Park which, unfortunately was flooded and will not be rebuilt for quite awhile.

As we remain in the area we look forward to the city returning to normal and having a chance to visit some of these sites.  In the meantime, we hope to visit some of the other cities located nearby. 

Rugby is about an hour east of Minot and they have a pioneer village that really looks nice.  Rugby is the geographical center of North America and we hope to visit this city.

Bismark is the capital of North Dakota and it is located about 90 minutes south.  I have been told the capital building is very nice and the historical museum is an extra special treat.  I am looking forward to making this trip.

We are hoping to make a weekend trip, perhaps over Labor Day weekend to South Dakota.  We would like to visit Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands and the Black Hills.  This will be quite a busy weekend, but should be fun, if we can work it out.

These are our plans for the next few months as we continue our adventure.  Hope you are enjoying coming along with us!

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