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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Great Location

I have been posting about the difficulty of finding permanent housing in this area so we are staying in a hotel.

Hotel living offers it's own unique challenges.  For one thing, we don't get to stay in one room long enough to unpack everything, so in a way, we are living out of plastic bins.  We change rooms next week and, thankfully, will be in our new room for about 6 weeks. 

Our hotel room does not have kitchen facilities.  We have a small microwave and refrigerator but almost no flat surfaces to prepare any food.  We did bring a small crock pot which has been a real life saver.  Most of the time we eat something I cook in this pot.  We try not to eat all the time for several reasons:
1.   We are tired of eating out
2.  It is expensive
3.  There are not many restaurants (except for fast food)
4.  The portions are usually too big and our fridge is not large enough for leftovers.
So most of the time we eat in our room and are so thankful for our little crock.

This will sound strange but it is difficult to keep a small area clean.  I clean the room everyday but with 2 people living in one room, it really needs it.

The good thing about this hotel is the location.  I am within walking distance of the mall and Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, the bank, CVS, the grocery and several restaurants.  I get lots of exercise because I try to walk everyday to at least one of these.

So while living in a hotel has its challenges, at least we are in a really nice one, and for this I am very thankful.

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