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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Geographical Center of North America

A little know fact, at least to me, is that the geographical center of North America is located in North Dakota.  Minot is only an hour away so we decided to travel to Rugby, North Dakota and check this out.

Rugby is east of Minot and we haven't traveled that way since our terrifying trip from Wisconsin.  The river has receded off the road but is still way outside of its banks and it would not take much rain for it to cover the road again.

Heading east we passed this restaurant and it reminded me of the old Steve McQueen movie, The Blob, so we decided to stop for breakfast.  It was really good and I am happy to say the Blob did not attack us.

The road to Rugby is very much like all the other roads up here, lots of flat prairies, and yet so beautiful to see.

We finally made it to Rugby and saw this marker showing the location of the center of North America.

Just had to include a photo of this cute guy, my hubby. sitting in the center.

Also, in Rugby is this statue of the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, is a naturally occuring light show in the northern latitudes.  This phenomenom can sometimes be seen up here in the evening skies.

We also visited the Pioneer Village in Rugby which is really well maintained with 30 buildings and tons of artifacts from the days this territory was settled.  I will share more about this part of our trip next time.

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