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Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally on the Way to Minot ND

We left Superior WI on Friday, July 8th and were finally on our way to Minot.  It was a beautiful day for traveling and we were excited to be on our way and to explore some new areas of the country.

We had to drive across the state of Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes.  We passed quite a few lakes along the way but not quite 10,000. 

A little more than half way across the state we came to a small town called Bemidji.  Bemidji is the first town on the Mississippi River.  It was really neat to cross over a trickle of this river since down in the south it is over a mile wide.

The locals claim Paul Bunyan was born in this quaint little town.

In 1937 these statues were constructed in his honor.

You can see how huge these things are.  Paul is 18 feet tall and weighs 2.5 tons.

And they did not forget his ox, Blue.

A little further on and we entered the Minnesota prairie. 

I have never seen land this flat before and I would not have thought the prairie could be so beautiful.

We were excited to cross the Red River and finally reach North Dakota.

The landscape changed a bit and we started seeing slight elevations but you could still see for miles.  This was good and bad, we could feel the weather change and could see the clouds start rolling in.  As we got closer to the flood areas we saw some places where the water was very close to the road.

This was our warning of what was to come.  The rain started coming down and it got heavier and heavier.  I was so thankful that Larry was driving.  Visibility was limited to the road right in front of us and then we saw the flashing lights!

It was a warning sign that there was water across the road ahead and to slow down to 5MPH.  The other side of the road (heading east) was closed because it was already under water, as was the median, the left lane of our road and the shoulder.  We drove through about 4-5 inches of water, with white caps all around us,  for what seemed like 10 miles but was probably about half a mile.

We finally arrived at our destination exhausted but way to tense to relax and go to sleep.  Needless to say it was a late night for us but we were very thankful for the safety the Lord provided.

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