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Monday, July 25, 2011

Kenmare, ND

We took a ride back to Kenmare last weekend and visited the pioneer village.  A lot of the towns up here have small scale pioneer villages yet they are all a little different.  This village actually opens and you can walk in the buildings but unfortunately they were not open when we visited.  So we walked around the outside.

This is the First Bank of Kenmare.

The post office has the name of a town west of Kenmare, Niobe, on it.  I suppose it was once located in that town.

All pioneer towns of any size needed a dress shop and...

a millnery shop.

This is the little red schoolhouse in the town.

The local blacksmith's shop.

A rare find, the Cookcar Cafe, a place to eat away from home.

This wood for this building was charred before the building was assembled.  It gives an aged look to the wood.

The sign says this is the home of Fred and Margaret Bentz.

A smaller house on the prairie.

Every town had a fire warning bell.

The town's newspaper was printed here.

Around the back they have lots of old farm implements.  I guess these are in the process of being restored.

I am not sure what all these implements are used for but this is a chariot like they used in Rome, not sure how they used this.

A steam engine of some kind.

And, of course, the town church.

We enjoyed walking around and taking all these photos but it was way past lunch time and we were both starving, so when we passed the only place around that served food, my sweet hubby took me out to lunch!

A hot dog, chips and a drink-isn't he a sweetheart!  Actually it was very good.  Oh, notice the word "Honkers".  The local school is nicknamed the Kenmare Honkers.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Kenmare.  For a small town that covers only about 1.5 square miles in total area and has a little over 1,000 residents, they have a really nice pioneer village.

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