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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

If you have been keeping up with our adventure you know that my husband was unemployed for 8 months and then offered a job in North Dakota.  We decided to take the job because there were no jobs in our area (south Mississippi).  We went first to Superior, Wisconsin for training and then came to Minot, ND. 

Minot is a small city in northern North Dakota.  They have a university, a few shopping centers, the usual chain restaurants and they host the ND state fair each year.  September also brings the Norske Host Fest which highlights some famous country music stars and brings many visitors to the area.

This part of North Dakota is experiencing a job boom because of the oil they have been pumping around here.  The major oil companies have brought in hundreds of workers who need housing and help boost the local economy.

Three or four months ago most of America had not heard of Minot but the major flooding has brought this town to the forefront of the news.  A lot of people have been flooded out of their homes and are temporarily living either with family, friends or in the local hotels.

This has caused a major housing shortage in the area.  There are no apartments, anywhere, at any price.  Apartment buildings that are not yet complete are already booked solid.  Hotels have almost no vacancies and even RV parks are full.

We came here planning on renting an apartment, but circumstances have not made that possible.  At first, finding a place to live was a full time job but the Lord led us to a very nice hotel in a great location.  We are within walking distance of almost anything we need.

We have to change rooms occasionally and, so far, do not have a room for the week of the Norske Host Fest, but the Lord has been working things out and we are trusting something will develop.  Praying I won't be posting from the car that week!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Patti! I just wanted to stop by and say "hi" and tell you I'm so glad you have this blog so you can keep us updated on how y'all are doing. The LORD is faithful to provide and I know He will continue to do so!! Thanks for all the pictures of the places you've been--it's neat to see a different part of the country! :-) We miss y'all bunches!!!