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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Things We Take For Granted

The project that has provided us a job in North Dakota is winding to a close.  Most of the crew has moved on to the next project and they are quickly condensing our offices.

As part of this condensing my hubby and I were moved back into one office.  We started out sharing an office and shortly were each given our own office, now we are back together.  Good thing we get along and work well together.

Last week they packed up everything they wanted for the new offices which includes tables, chairs, desks, kitchen utensils and appliances, office supplies and just about anything else not currently being used.  They even took our coffeepot and now we must go to the other trailer for coffee.  All that was ok because for the most part it did not affect us.

This week, however, the condensing and reducing expenses has begun to affect us in a major way. 

Our trailers are located out on the prairie and we have no city services except electricity.  Our drinking water is brought out in bottles by the local water supplier.  We have 2 coolers for the 5 gallon bottles and cases of bottles. 

The sewage and sink water is stored in tanks in these outbuildings.  One holds grey water-non-potable-to be used for flushing and hand washing only.  The other holds the sewage and water from the sink drain.  When the potable water tank runs low the plumber comes out and refills it and empties the other tank.

We had no idea how good we had it until this week when they came to shut down our water supply and thus, our toilets. 


They are moving the buildings and tanks to the new job site and we are left with no running water and this is our new toilet.

Keep in mind the weather up here is still in the teens at night and high 20's in the daytime.  This means it is cold in the portajohn all the time.  Then there is the fact of no running water to wash hands. 

All of this has proven to provide a surge of business for the local gas station.  We make a run there in the morning when it is way too cold to use the portajohn and to enjoy the soap and running water.  Ahh, the joy of modern day luxuries!!

Our plan at the moment is to leave this jobsite this afternoon and take a little time off before we begin our new job.  One thing we will not miss is the portajohn!

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