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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Shopping

The snow started Friday night and we woke up to find a beautiful blanket of white covering everything.  Our plans had included doing a bit of Christmas shopping Saturday and, since we had never been Christmas shopping in the snow, we decided to make the most of it.

We got ready and headed upstairs to find our car blanketed in snow.  So job 1 was to clear the snow off the car.
 Even the inside of the car was snowy.

And this is what I looked like after cleaning the car-good thing the snow is dry and powdery.  The snow looks like soap flakes.

Driving was a little slow as the roads had not been cleared yet.

Turning around corners is tricky and the cars slip and slide so the trucks come through and pour sand at the intersections.

We took our time and headed to the downtown section of town.

This is the only kitchen store in town and we just have to visit whenever we are in the area.

Downtown looks beautiful and so festive.

This is the parking lot of Hobby Lobby-so beautiful!!

We visited the mall, finished our shopping and headed home to some warm soup.  It was a fun day and we enjoyed the snow that fell all day long-quite a memory for us southerners.

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