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Monday, September 3, 2012

The International Peace Garden

On the border between the United States and Canada lies the International Peace Garden.  We took a trip up there with some friends a few weeks ago.  The topography of the area is beautiful-hills, trees, valleys and mountains (small mountains but still mountains).  The weather was gorgeous and we had such a lovely day.

As we drove into the garden we saw this monument which is built on the border between the two countries.  Here stands a man divided-one foot in Canada and one in the U.S.

And here, a woman divided.

This is the entrance to the sunken garden.

The fountain just inside the entrance.

These cute little guys live in the fountain's pond.

 The Peace Tower.


This canal runs down the center of the garden-one side is Canadian and the other American.

The Bell Tower

Lots more pictures to come in the next few days.  I hope you enjoy the Garden with us.


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  1. The peace garden is quite a place, many mysteries...