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Thursday, September 27, 2012


According to the news reports last week was the beginning of Autumn.  It has been blustery and chilly way up in North Dakota.

The wind has died down today but it is still a bit nippy, a truly beautiful Autumn day.

It appears Autumn is just about over because tomorrow night is expected to go down into the twenties. 

At our home in south Mississippi, summer comes on just as quickly.  We normally have a couple weeks of gorgeous spring weather and then-BAM-summer comes.  The temperature quickly rises from a cool 78-80 to high 80's to 90.  Once it goes that high the plants pretty much quit producing veggies and it is time to turn on the AC and hibernate until our 2 weeks of Autumn.

So it seems that Autumn up here is a direct reverse of summer in the deep south.  I do enjoy the Autumn down there, even if it is only 2 weeks long.

Now I can say, I did enjoy our 2 weeks of Autumn up here.  How long till the first snow?  Time will tell.

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