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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Wedding

We finally made it to the wedding with just a few minutes to wait.  The bride is our niece, Katie.  She wore her mom's wedding dress and made a beautiful bride.  Her 90 year old grandfather walker her down the aisle and her father performed the ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Brock

The bridesmaid's dresses were very cute.

The bride's sister, Bailey.

The groomsmen, Trey, in the center, is the bride's brother.

The bride dancing with her dad.

The wedding cake was very unique and delicious.  Each layer was a different flavor.

A groomscake only a fisherman could love.

Unexpectedly we were all treated to some hot air balloons flying overhead.

Always fun to watch.

My brother, sister and me.

The girls of our family, well, some of them.
Jenny is another of our nieces and Linda is her mom.  Donna is my sister and the mother of the bride.

Hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as we did.  Now for the long trip home.


  1. Patti, I never realized how much you and Donna look alike. Duh...sisters.

    Very pretty wedding. A in Covington.

    1. Thanks, everyone had a nice time and it was very lovely

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