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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekend in Minnesota

We left North Dakota after work on Friday and headed for Fargo, ND where we spent the night.  Saturday we went on to Minnesota.  The topography of western MN is very similar to eastern ND, flat and straight.

We drove for hours through farm country.  It is still early spring and the farmers have started turning the ground over.

The dirt is so rich and dark up here.  We use all sorts of additives to get our dirt to look this good.

The quality of the dirt must be why the crops grow so quickly and so large in this area.

There was a lot more green in MN than in ND, but that will change soon.  The hills of ND are beginning to turn green and will be beautiful before long.

This is a grain elevator and every town up here has one, some are large and some small but they are everywhere.

While exploring we saw this house which was built in 1918.  The house and barn sit on about 5 acres of land.  It can be purchased for about $40,000.  Since it was for sale and empty we got out and took some photos.

The house needs lots of work and the grounds are covered with all sorts of trash.  It would cost a fortune to fix this one up.

Since this was my birthday weekend, my hubby asked where I wanted to go for dinner.  We were in Wilmar, MN and had no idea what was available but we turned the next corner and found this.

Culvers is a fast food restaurant that we have fallen in love with and we do not have one in Minot.  We have really missed Culvers so there was no question of where we would have dinner.

This is one of the reasons we love Culvers-Concrete Mixers!

We had a lovely weekend and headed back to Minot after church.  Looking forward to settling in to our new apartment.

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