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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We have been in North Dakota for almost a year now and have never visited Fargo.  We decided to use the Memorial weekend to do that.

We left work a little early Friday and headed out.  I doubt most people faced the traffic we did when we began our trip.

North Dakota is not heavily populated and this is the type traffic we face most days.

Just south of Minot is a wind farm with many of these wind turbines.

We took a little detour on our way to Fargo and drove down some of the country roads.  We came upon a small cemetery with this mini-mauseleum across the street.

We stopped to take this picture and soon our car was swarmed by these bugs, not sure what they are but they were all over the car.  We kept the windows closed tightly.

Finally arrived in Fargo around 7 PM and headed out for dinner.  Famous Dave's is a bar-b-que restaurant that we have visited in Duluth and Bismark. 

The food is always great and it is a fun place to visit.

The next day we crossed the Red River and explored the countryside in Minnesota.  The contours of the earth were amazing.

The colors of the differing terrain were like an artist's pallette.

Farmers work hard shaping the ground and creating this beautiful scenery.

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes of which this is one.  There really are so many lakes to explore.

More farmland and the beautiful scenery created by the farmers.

The dirt is so dark and rich in the Red River Valley that the crops truly seem to grow overnight.

The farmers truly have a touch of artist in them.

Lest you think we had no holiday traffic, I wanted to share this picture of Pelican Rapids, MN and the busy street we found.

Heading back to Fargo we came upon this General Store and decided to stop.  They carried most grocery items and a few "Made in MN" things.

This was the beginning of our trip and our exploration in Minnesota.  Saturday evening and Sunday we spent exploring Fargo and I will have more photos to share later. 

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