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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Long Road Home

We leave the city everyday going to work and everyday I am amazed at the beauty of the hills and plateaus up here.

This photo shows the rolling hills with flat tops.  It looks like you could just walk across the top of the hills and they would be all connected but actually there are lots of hills next to each other.

A few trees scattered here and there across the prairie.

The long view of Highway 2, the road home.

This house always reminds me of  "The Little House on the Prairie" but actually it is not very small at all.

The sky is so large and dramatic.

Prairie and sky meet together for a dramatic appearance.

You can see storms rolling in for miles and miles.

The many colors of the stormy sky.

The wind was really strong today and that causes the sky to change shape rapidly.

This is right outside of Minot and almost home.

The prairie definitely holds a beauty all its own and I do love it.  Hope you enjoyed this little ride home with us.

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