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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weather Alert

Just last week I posted about springtime coming to the prairie and over the weekend we were on alert for 2-4 inches of snow.  Thankfully, the snow did not appear and the weekend turned out to be pretty nice.

On the other hand we have been under a severe weather alert for high winds for over a week.  The wind in the city of Minot has been 20-35 miles per hour but on the prairie (where we work) we have had 40-50 mile an hour gusts.

The job site we are located at consists of 2 trailers with a deck connecting them.  Going from one trailer to another means going outside-holding onto the door because the wind will definitely take it away-and fighting the wind to open the door of the other trailer.  Guess where the ladies' rest room is located?  Yes, in the opposite trailer from ours, along with the coffee pot.

In another week we will start visiting the actual sites where the pipelines are going in.  These sites are located far from the cities in very remote areas with equally as strong winds.

I am so glad I decided to cut my hair before we came to North Dakota, at least I don't have to worry about my hairdo.  I have come to call the wind-blown look, my North Dakota style and I am enjoying it.

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  1. An update-when we arrived at work this morning it was snowing. A very light dusting but it is definitely snow.