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Monday, April 23, 2012

First Visit

Last week we visited one of the jobsites where they are actually putting in pipelines and building storage tanks.  I finally got to use my steel toe boots and hard hat (Oh, as recommended, I did get some flower decals for my hard hat.)  We left our office and headed further west.

The site we visited is about 30 miles west of our office and not too far off the main highway.  We found it fairly easily and were surprised to see the construction trailer was so nice.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean fancy, but we had heard this site was very rough.  But on the contrary it is designed like the trailer we work in-a double wide with 2 offices on each end.  No kitchen facilities but everything was fairly neat. 

As I mentioned previously the wind was really strong out there.  Even my husband had difficulty standing up in it.  I am glad we parked the way we did, I could fall into the car instead of having the door fly out of my hand.  The wind really is unrelenting.

After we left we decided to take a new road and head north to one of the sites that has not begun work yet this year.  We had forgotten how much nothingness there is in North Dakota.  Once we left town we drove for 20 miles and saw a few farms but mostly just farmland on the prairie.  Then we came to the junction where we turned and another 20 miles of nothing until we reached the city of Kenmare.  This is a really cute small town that we enjoy driving around.

Time was getting away from us and we headed home but that was an hour away.  So another long drive with gorgeous scenery-lots of hills and valleys but it was still a long drive.

We arrived home just in time to eat dinner and do laundry.  Another very full day on the prairie.

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