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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our First Blizzard part 2

Thursday, the day after the blizzard, we had to get out so I brought my camera and took some pics to share.

When the snow plows go through they shovel all the snow to the sides of the road but there is still some snow/ice on the roadway.

Then they apply a de-icer and the roads just look wet.

People who do not have a garage may need to dig their car out before they can drive them.  These cars are on a main thoroughfare and the snow plows come through to keep the road open and pile the snow on the side.

The snow just keeps getting piled higher and higher until the road is clear.

If you do not live on a snow evacuation route (main street) this is what your street will look like until all the main streets are clear.  These roads are very treacherous and it is easy to get stuck.

Someone showed their creativity during the storm.  Notice the dog on the bottom right.

This is in a parking lot.  The lot is plowed and all the snow is piled up, as much out of the way, as possible.

This is what the plowed parking lot looks like-no lines.  Everyone tries to remember where the lines are and parks.  This can be tricky.  And when the snow starts melting you must walk through slush to get inside.

This house looks surrounded by piles of snow.

These trees are outside of the college near our home.

Some leftover beauty from the storm.

These benches are outside the courthouse.  The snow is all the way up to the seat.

Our little town is quickly recovering and I am happy to say we came through with flying colors.

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