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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Work Outfit

We will be heading to North Dakota and the pipeline jobsite next week.  Most of our job will be in the office but we will have to visit the pipeline sites once a week for updates.  A requirement for visiting the jobsites is fire resistant clothing.  This clothing must be certified and approved by governmental agencies. 

We were able to locate some of this clothing in Superior and bought each of us a complete outfit. Because the clothing is approved as fire resistant it is very expensive.

This tee shirt, complete with label verifying it is fire resistant, was a little over $50.

The outer shirt was $53 and it is also certified.  This shirt looks just like a regular work shirt.

The jeans were regularly $70 but we got them for the 'bargain price' of $63. Remember we had to buy 2 of each of these pieces of clothing because we each need a set.

Every grandmother who works for the pipeline must have steel toe boots.

And when put together, a grandmother is still a grandmother, she just wears work clothes.

So next week the adventure begins as we head out to the jobsite.

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