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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fun Begins

 I started working outside of the home last week for the first time in over 5 years. It has been exciting and tiring.

It is nice to have a job with people who treat you so well. Everyone has been extremely nice and easy to work with. The best part is my trainer, my husband, Larry. My husband's boss offered me this job with the idea that I would help Larry accomplish, what promises to be, a very heavy workload this year. Larry is a very patient teacher, although very meticulous, and so far working together has been fun.

When I did not work outside of the home, I took care of grocery shopping and miscellaneous errands but, anything else, we have always done together. We have always spent our weekends together, whether having fun, working or running errands, so we are used to being together a lot. We really enjoy driving to work and sharing lunch together.

So unlike so many people at work (who were afraid we wouldn't like being together so much) we look forward to this opportunity and will try to make the most of our time together

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