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Monday, March 12, 2012

36 Hours

First a blizzard and then 2 days later we got 36 hours of snow, not heavy, just steady.  Added about 3 inches to the accumulation.  We ventured out when the snow finally stopped.

The foundation plants are just about covered.

From the front window we watched the snow slowly climb up the trunk of this little tree.  It is about 12-14 inches deep here.

The mailboxes show the latest accumulation.

Our front porch got covered again but not as bad as last time.

We live on a main street so it was well cleared by the time we headed out.

The side streets are not so lucky.

The sun came out and it was time to play in the snow.  See the little girl on top of the snow mound.

I never get tired of looking at the trees when they are covered in snow.

The local mall looks like a fortress with the wall of snow pushed off of the parking lot.

When a car is left out in the snow this is what it looks like, if you are lucky!

And as the roads are cleared the mounds along the sides get taller.

This week the temperature should be warming up around freezing and with the intense sunlight the snow will start melting.  Overnight the temps will drop and cause all the melting snow to turn to ice.  This will be repeated each day making for a slushy, sloppy mess!

The snow is sure pretty when it first falls but the mess that follows is very disheartening!

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