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Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow in Superior

Friday I met my hubby for lunch with the intention of doing some shopping in the afternoon.  The snow started while we were eating and continued for over 24 hours-not heavy but pretty continuously.  I changed my mind about shopping and decided to stay home.

The next day we headed out to do the errands I had not completed Friday.  The snow was so pretty we almost hated driving on it, but life must go on.

This is a park near our home.  There are walking trails and benches as well as a ball field.

Superior does a good job of keeping the main streets clear.

They use a mixture of sand and salt as well as a de-icer.  It makes a messy slush on the sides of the road but does keep them clear.

This slush wraps around the tires and it is very easy to lose control.  It is most important to slow down and take your time.

This is another park in our neighborhood.

We headed over the bridge to Duluth and were wishing the snow would stop before we had to come back.  The bridge is about 5 miles long and pretty steep and high, a great place for ice and snow to settle.

When the snow covers the ground most of the 2 lane roads become 1 lane and the slush is piled up on the right hand side.  Parking lots are lots of fun because they do not clear them as well as the roads and you cannot see the lines.  People try to remember about where the lines are and park accordingly.

We finished our errands and headed back across the bridge.  Thankfully it was not icy and the snow had just about stopped.  As you look at the photo above you may notice a peninsula.  This peninsula is in Duluth and it sticks out quite a ways into Lake Superior.  The lake is frozen and there are several ice fishing huts situated between the peninsula and the bridge.

This shows the snow covering the frozen lake.

These next 3 photos show the lake south of the bridge.  It is also frozen and snow covered.

This is one of my favorite parts of Superior, the gorgeous trees.  And with snow on them, they look even better!

Shopping is finished, travel is over and now it is time for dinner.
Hope you enjoyed our snow pics!

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