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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Snowy Sunday in North Dakota

We woke up to snow again today.  The snow is beautiful but it makes traveling a bit scary. 
The snow was gentle but had started around 1AM so by the time we woke up the parking lot looked like this.

Our poor car is used to being garaged overnight, it sure is getting a workout in ND.

Life goes on, even in the snow, so we loaded the car and headed for church.

We drive through this parking lot (the local mall) on our way to the main road leading to church.

Such beauty could only be created by God!

And the lovely spruce trees.

Then in the parking lot I slipped on the black ice-UGH!  Landed flat on my back.  Took some Valerian Root and applied essential oils and am feeling much better.  I need to remember, small steps and slowly!

Had a great day at church and drove home through more snow.  Spent the afternoon in our warm room relaxing and watching the snow fall.  A perfect ending to an almost perfect day.

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