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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow, At Last!

This past Sunday the long awaited first snowfall occurred.  The overall snowfall was only about an inch but it was enough for us.

We were watching the football game and kept checking the window and the snow continued to fall very lightly but the wind kept any accumulation from building up.  Then the game got exciting (the Saints were winning) and we forgot to check the window.

Imagine our surprise when we saw this.

Snow had settled on all the cars in the parking lot.  Well, that is more snow than we ever get in south Mississippi so we were excited.  Excited until we woke up the next morning and our car looked like this.

So we got busy brushing the snow off and were surprised how easily it brushed away.  Any snow that falls in MS is very wet and icy but this snow was light and brushed right off.  Of course, there was a little ice under the snow but not much at all.

The biggest surprise was the snow INSIDE of the car.  Yes, the windows were all closed up tightly but the wind was blowing 20-30 miles an hour and somehow a bit of snow made it inside.

Driving was a little scary but not too bad.  We were very thankful that our first experience with North Dakota winter snow was a very mild experience.  Next time we will probably not be so lucky!

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