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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hoodies and Hats

As the weather begins to change way up north the fashion has become hoodies.  Everyplace you go, everyone you see is wearing hoodies-from oil field workers to grandmothers-hoodies are the style of choice.

The breakfast room in our hotel looks like a fashion show of hoodies.  Pick your color, pick your lining, add a layer or 2 and your are ready for the day.

Hoodies really are the best thing for staying warm on these cool days.  I love the Sherpa lined hoodies the best.  Sherpa is a polyester and cotton fabric that resembles fluffy wool.  It adds a warm lining to the fleece hoodies.

We have truly learned the value of these jackets since the weather has changed.  They are warm, easy on and off and washable.  Perfect for everyday wear.

The other item we notice that is very popular are ear flap hats, especially character hats.  These hats come in all characters from monkeys, to birds, to cartoon characters.

Of course, you can still find the regular ear flap hats,

and those are cute as well, but I really like the character hats the best.

This type of clothing is really necessary up here, even though the temp is only in the 30-40 range, because of the wind.  The wind is a constant and usually blows about 20 mph which makes it feel much cooler.

So, our wardrobe is changing as we add hoodies and hats to the baggage we must bring with us when we head home.  But we must do, what we must do, to stay warm and so far the natives have not led us astray.

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