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Monday, September 19, 2011

Whirlwind Trip

Over the Labor Day Weekend we took a whirlwind trip from central North Dakota to the Badlands in the western part of the state, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. 

We collect coffee mugs from each state we have visited and our collection is pretty extensive.  We were on a quest this weekend to add to our collection.  We have cups from all over the southern and eastern parts of the country and even the west coast-we even have Alaska and Hawaii, but somehow we never visited the midsection of our country.  This weekend was our opportunity.

We left Minot very early in the morning...

and drove to Montana. 

This is the first restaurant in Montana and we decided to stop here for breakfast.

We were able to pick up a coffee cup at the first place we looked so we turned around and headed back to the badlands of North Dakota.

We passed the area where the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers converge.  These mighty rivers don't look like much up here but they make up for it farther along their courses.

It wasn't long before we started to see the buttes North Dakota.

As we got closer the magnificent, raw beauty of this area was revealed.

We visited a small town, Medora, that is nestled at the foot of the buttes and at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Medora is a very cute little tourist town with about 30 small businesses all geared to the tourist trade, however, it is very well maintained and a great place to visit.

From here we entered the National Park and I will share those photos next.  I hope you are enjoying traveling with us.

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