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Friday, September 2, 2011

Pioneer Village Rugby, ND Part 3

As we continued through the pioneer village we headed for the local dress shop.

The first thing that struck me was the lack of color.  How dreary we would be if we only wore black and gray.

These styles are a little more modern and a few colors have been added.

The local seamstress hard at work.  Notice in the upper left the small selection of fabrics.

Buttons, hair combs, reticules (purses), collars and buttons

The latest fashion in high top shoes.

Much more modern shoes for the fashionable lady.

Next door to the dress shop is the local creamery.  Originally all the farms had their own cows and chickens.  They produced their own eggs, butter and cheese, but as times changed they began buying these items from the local creamery.

Milk cans for collecting the fresh milk.

This unusual contraption is for making egg crates.  I would have loved to see it working!

The next building was the harness shop. 

They mended harnesses, saddles and boots.

Next came the blacksmith shop.  The blacksmith was a real craftsman.  He handled everything from sharpening plows to repairing farm implements to creating iron crosses for graves.

Lots of horses and lots of horse shoes

A very large sharpening stone, which my hubby would love to have.  The blacksmith used this for sharpening plows.

Rounding the wagon wheels and replacing the metal



and, oh, so many tools.  I have no idea what most of these are used for but this building looks like a real guy's heaven!

Visiting these villages makes me very thankful that I am alive in our current time instead of the 1800's.  It also makes me realize how simply these folks lived and they were so thankful.  This is very humbling in light of the many blessings we enjoy.

Next time we will visit the local jail and livery stable.

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