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Monday, July 11, 2011

Superior Sights

As our time in Superior WI continues I am having a chance to capture some of the interesting architecture on camera.  This area is heavily influenced by Norwegians and people of Swedish ancestory and the architecture reflects that.
Most of the houses are small and seem to be fairly old, well built, tight buildings.  This is a very typical home in this area.

Notice the little entry room on the front of the house.  Most of the homes have one of these.  There is a door on the outside and another on the inside of this area.  When the weather is really cold these areas prevent the heat of the house from escaping when the outer door is open.

Of course, along the waterfront there are many larger and fancier homes but I was more interested in the average home.  Interspersed among these typical homes will occasionally be a home of unusual architecture.

Another thing that is really neat up here are the Christmas trees, well in the south we would call them all Christmas trees.  There are all types of spruce and hemlock trees and they must be very old because they are huge.

These trees can be found in neighborhoods and along the roadside.

Since we have nothing like this in the south everyone of the trees makes me think of Christmas and how I would love to see them covered with snow, but from inside a nice warm building!!

I am not sure what these trees are but these are also very popular.  If you look closely you can see the tree in the background with deep red, burgundy colored leaves.  These are really gorgeous. 

I have really enjoyed being in this area and experiencing a taste of life up north and I am very glad we got to come during the summer.  The temperatures at our home are in the 90's right now and, we are enjoying summer temps in the 70's up here.  On the other hand I will be very glad to leave here before the cold weather arrives.

I was looking at a coat in one of the local stores and the clerk said it was warm enough until the temps reached below 10 degrees and then you put another coat on top.  10 degrees! WOW, I sure hope we are back in the deep south before that happens.

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