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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Peek in the Garden

We harvested snow peas a few weeks ago and that was all we really had blooming at that time.  It was rather frustrating because we have been working diligently, since January, trying to get the garden going.  The weather was one issue in our lack of production but the main problem was quite a surprise to us.

In the winter the south side of our home gets really nice sun, so my hubby built some really nice raised beds in that area.  Then comes summer and there are so many trees in the south yard that the garden is really struggling.  What to do??

We decided to do another planting in some buckets and put these on the east side of the house, lots of sun in this yard.  The result is finally starting to show.  We have lots of cherry tomatoes that are slowly beginning to ripen.

The real pride of our garden is the muskmelon plant.  It is really beginning to thrive.

Here is our largest muskmelon.  It is about 2 inches in diameter.  We have about 6 smaller melons on the plant and are looking forward to enjoying all of these in a few weeks.
The muskmelons are new this year and another thing we are trying is okra.  The plant has gotten really large and this morning we saw this beautiful flower.
The flower is really lovely and closes up as the day progresses.  We are looking forward to some okra pretty soon.

Thanks for visiting our garden.  I will share more pictures as the plants begin to produce more fruit.

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